The mycorhization

Racine mycorhizée

Mycorhization is the association between a plant and a mushroom.
The natural mycorhization of the cultivated plants has disappeared in time because of cultural practices.

The mycorhization is kept for the total life expectancy of the vine.

Our plants are mycorhized directly in the nursery to have a better guarantee of success.

The advantages

  • Increase of the volume of ground investigated by roots.
  • Better resumption at the plantation.
  • Better resistance to drought.


Essai de différents champignons

Test of various mushrooms (INRA Dijon 2006)

  • Improvement of the mineral absorption: phosphor and the other one oligo-elements (zinc, manganese, iron, copper).
  • Improvement of the resistance to diseases.l>
  • There is a limiting and delaying effect on the armillaria, one of the mushrooms that causes root rot (study of the IRTA of Catalonia).
  • Other disease-studies are in progress, mainly in Switzerland.