The High Plants (65cm)

High Plants
High Plant at 65 cm

In order to help replace plants or construct new plantations, we also graft "High Plants". These plants are grafted with a long rootstock: up to 90 cm. Traditional vine plants are only 30 cm length.

When planted, the buds will be at the same level as the first iron wire.

The main advantages are :

Traditional Plant
Traditional Plant at 30 cm
  • You gain one year of harvesting if they are planted with long roots.
  • No more formation pruning.
  • No more plastic protections needed for chemical weeding.
  • If the surrounding vegetation grows too much, the development of the plants will not be affected.
  • Rabbits can not eat the young shoots anymore.
  • No more vine shoots at the base for the entire life of the plant.
  • The buds can not make roots if they have been planted too close to the ground.

These high plants have proved to be a good solution to maintain the old plots of vines.

You can also adopt High Plant for a new plantation to gain 1 year of production. To guarantee the best results, you need a machine plantation (long roots).

These vines have to be ordered one year and a half in advance.

We can produce them at any length.